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Pastel Colored Classic

Simplicity is the key to understanding complexity the of self. That’s also the reason I become a Minimalist. Simplicity makes people more relaxed, more active and connected, we still don’t need that much things in contemporary society actually. Pastel, minimalism , 50s-60s chic from classic…


In a manner of Travelling-Madrid

 As the name of ” In a manner of travelling”, I think travelling is the way to explore the world,yet every journey is a activity performance art by ourselves. Everyone has a different manner to travel and there is no certain rule to tell you…

Book Launch Event in Corso Como 10

Book Launch! A book I have been working on as a personal project recently had reached it’s completion and was published, of all the places it was in Corso Como 10 Milan, a beautiful Venue. This is a book very close to my heart, with…

In a manner of Travelling-Urban Details

” Wintery Berlin “- My favourite city from my personal perspective. “Northern Birds”- The Birds in Copenhagen and Helsinki. “Licht”-Lights hide in the corners or cracks, I am the one who is searching for them. Painting by Nancy.Z     

Black,Red, and Brown.

Colours don’t have emotions themselves, we give the meanings to them subjectively. Photography by All the Bags from Louis Vuitton (Alma/Volta/LockMe II)


In a manner of Travelling- Biennale Venice in May.

After I finished my book ” Style, Art, Life” finally for this summer, I could focus on doing something else, for example start ” In a manner of Travelling” this project again properly, to show the world from my perspective. No matter you are a…


Back to 60s

From my Monthly column in <L’officiel> Mandarin issue April: <Once upon a time in Europe>. Photography by Painting by Nancy.Z  

Black and Grey_00

Vague Figures

As I said, Humans are vague figures, originally we don’t have emotion, perspective or expression. Time creates and Sculpts us as  do the surroundings. Where do you come from influenced your decision at the very beginning, the local cultures gives your unfaded marks, although nothing…


My memento of a Digital Age

Sometimes I really enjoy to see fashion designs was inspired by digital art, it always reminds me my Uni period. Few years ago I had to study 3D Digital software in the Uni because of our short animation , actually I wasn’t good at mastering…


Art Nouveau and the golden age illustrations used to be my favorites during my studies. Of course I still love them very much even now, just not as passionate as before …Time is changing, people’s aesthetic taste changes as well, but some of the style…

Plaid Please!

    The theme of this time named” Black Plaid”, the plaid textile mix Yin Yang woolen scarf, looks fresh and timeless in the snowy weather. As if they were painted by the ink color on the pure white paper.     I believe dressing could show a…

Yin, Yang, Eight symbols.

  As you know, “Yin and Yang” is the basis of Chinese taoist philosophy, the Yin Yang Symbol(or Tai Chi Symbol) was inspired by two fish shape originally, means the origin of life. There are always two opposite elements that exist at the same time, such as…

Deco art of Black and white.

   Among my childhood memories,those black and white deco art books from my parents’ shelves, they influenced a lot of my style for a very long time.( Remembered I only like drawing black ink works for many years).  It was incredibly popular during all of…