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” The Encounters”      Every chance encounter is an opportunity for fate to play a role in our lives. Sometimes the moment passes by without notice, but other times it can take on a life of its own, stretching into a thread that connects…

Paris Vu Au Bon Marché

The Topic design exhibition ” Paris” was launched this September during the design week in Le Bon Marché, Paris. Those contemporary design contents made an interesting contrast with the Art Deco interior details of this classic architecture. From the past to the present, the sprits…


镜花水月—“ The illusion”

Actually these series of photos had been taken for a while since last winter,yet I have totally forgotten to put them on this site. In traditional Chinese “镜花水月” these are philosophical words which mean everything is an illusion, as the flowers or moon projections. We…


“Charles Philip X Nancy Zhang” SS16 series

Finally,my design collaboration with Charles Philip Shanghai has been launched in this month!  For spring and summer season I like making something colorful yet cozy for the daily life with minimal decorations. If you like my aesthetic style , hopefully you would like them also….


Late Spring

Meeting and Parting keep cycling around in the life repetitively, it is a process of the disintergration and restruction of your world,as if the spring blossom comes and goes.  Drawing by Nancy.Z Photography by Dean.B    

Black and Grey_00

Vague Figures

As I said, Humans are vague figures, originally we don’t have emotion, perspective or expression. Time creates and Sculpts us as  do the surroundings. Where do you come from influenced your decision at the very beginning, the local cultures gives your unfaded marks, although nothing…


My memento of a Digital Age

Sometimes I really enjoy to see fashion designs was inspired by digital art, it always reminds me my Uni period. Few years ago I had to study 3D Digital software in the Uni because of our short animation , actually I wasn’t good at mastering…


Art Nouveau and the golden age illustrations used to be my favorites during my studies. Of course I still love them very much even now, just not as passionate as before …Time is changing, people’s aesthetic taste changes as well, but some of the style…

Plaid Please!

    The theme of this time named” Black Plaid”, the plaid textile mix Yin Yang woolen scarf, looks fresh and timeless in the snowy weather. As if they were painted by the ink color on the pure white paper.     I believe dressing could show a…

Yin, Yang, Eight symbols.

  As you know, “Yin and Yang” is the basis of Chinese taoist philosophy, the Yin Yang Symbol(or Tai Chi Symbol) was inspired by two fish shape originally, means the origin of life. There are always two opposite elements that exist at the same time, such as…

Deco art of Black and white.

   Among my childhood memories,those black and white deco art books from my parents’ shelves, they influenced a lot of my style for a very long time.( Remembered I only like drawing black ink works for many years).  It was incredibly popular during all of…