An artist road to the future.

   What could present a country’s culture perfectly? Textiles and architectures. What could present people’s imagination of the future apparently? Textiles and architectures. Since last time I post “The city of future“I worked on, I always talk more about this project. It was such a pleasure to join this creative project, especially with many talented artists. So I want to recommend my favorite works from this challenge. These artists build their own way to the future.When I watch their video/pictures, I always think”Wow, it is so amazing! ” Seriously I really hope I have their creative skills sometimes. Not only about future, but also about urban city, about ourselves. ( Well…I miss doing my short animation now!)

Pictures and video references from Smart urban
(There are too many amazing works, I only picked the questions/answers I really adore.)

1.”With all the challenges faced by cities, how do we take into account the role of human desire?” 

Artist Leon Keer from Utrecht gave a perfect answer.  “Memories of street” shows how does he think about the importance of keeping our memories in this digital internet era. 

2.“How can I, as a self-determined wheelchair user, discover and explore a city independently?”-Raúl

Motion designer Helmut Breineder from Sao Paulo made a beautiful and emotional video about 
the Sao Paulo street from the wheelchair user’s views.We have to rethink about the concept of streets”present a possibility that the city provide an urban space for all the inhabitants with all their certain needs in future.

3.“Where will we dance if we don’t need streets anymore?”– Catherine Langabeer

Berlin photographer Daniel Josefsohn took a truly poetic pictures as the answer. As a romantic artist I love this question a lot, the answer from Daniel is very beautiful:
When it comes to a volcanic eruption, no vulcano is comparable to another. Eruption and evacuation are never far apart. Seismic activities. Tremor. Tremble. Who’s got the chance to stand aside, dances the dance of his life:The Heavens open, cars crash down and angels hand out Mona Lisa’s to all.” 

4.“What is it like to live in a city that automatically adapts to the emotional state of its inhabitants?”-Max Celko
This is very insteresting question…London graphic designer Eva show how should a city react to an emotion in her very lovely style. If our emotion really could get along with the city itself, that will be awesome!

   In the end, I hope you enjoy these lovely answers about futures. Has been inspired by them, now I have passions to creative more future topic!

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