Yin, Yang, Eight symbols.

  As you know, “Yin and Yang” is the basis of Chinese taoist philosophy, the Yin Yang Symbol(or Tai Chi Symbol) was inspired by two fish shape originally, means the origin of life. There are always two opposite elements that exist at the same time, such as male and female, fire and water, sky and earth, light and dark… Then Yin Yang actually concentrated all these contrast elements and made them to a simple graphic.
   Eight symbols in Taoist philosophy represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken,” representing Yin or Yang, respectively. The ancient Chinese classic “I Ching”(Some English name translated to “the book of changes,it is one of the most complex books from my opinion…) consists of the 64 possible pairs of trigrams (called “hexagrams”) and commentary on them.
    The theme of this time is called” Yin Yang, Eight symbols”, the whole outfit was built by black and white these two contrast shade totally, the patterns of this scarf are the two from ” Eight Symbols”: Qian and Qun. (means Sky and earth.) Don’t you think it is really cool to mix these type of philosophy symbols into design works?

Hat and shirt from Vintage shop
Coat by Marc Jacobs
Belt by Marc Cain
Scarf by Hua Sheng Ji
Pants by Comme des Garcons

Illustration by Nancy.Z
Photography by Dean

Inspirations: Taoist Eight Symbols 

The immortal of Taoist mythology: Tai Shang Lao Jun. (Lao-zi)


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    Ice Pandora

    Lovely inspiration of
    the ‘Yin & Yang’!


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    lisa s

    Beautiful beyond words!

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    Ruby And Siel

    This is exactly why I like your blog 🙂

  • Hallo saya dari INDONESIA.
    Saya suka tulisan, foto, dan ilustrasi yang anda buat.
    Saya senang anda menulis blog hampir setiap hari di bulan ini.



    Hello I am from INDONESIA.
    I love writing, photographs and illustrations that you have created.
    I’m glad you wrote a blog almost every day this month.


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    I am so interested in this concept – thanks for sharing!

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    amazing drawing and look, love the concept too

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    Looking so cool as always!


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    Etrala London

    Your looks and drawings are always amazing!!! Congratulations once again!! I’m a Superfan!!!

    You can see my illustrations and looks for my London fashion brand Etrala here: http://etralalondon.blogspot.co.uk/

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