Save your animal,make your Choice.

  Designer Lamberto Petri was inspired by the photographic project “the fifth day” of Salvatore Arnone, due to this inspiration he created his 2014 capsule collection “Save your Animal” to call on people to protect endangered species. In the form of close-up prints on unisex t-shirts and minimal mini dress in modal jersey and silk. In a new concept of contemporary art on textiles, the collection also pushes communication boundaries whereby the animals pierce the lens with their deep gaze, seemingly looking at us to
inquire about the future.   
    Nature has it’s own rules, as a part of it, we shouldn’t kill those creatures that live on this planet with us for those useless avarice. Each of us does can do a little bit of effort to save those animals, show compassion,make the right choice. 
Photography by Dean.B
References pictures from FASHTAGS

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