My memento of a Digital Age

Sometimes I really enjoy to see fashion designs was inspired by digital art, it always reminds me my Uni period. Few years ago I had to study 3D Digital software in the Uni because of our short animation , actually I wasn’t good at mastering those complex software properly, although mainly my part was painting concept art and character designs. Somehow I knew I am really a technical person, however, at least I learnt and appreciate that how much effort people made in the progress of those glamorous 3D animations, it took years to finish one great movie.Science inspired the idea/imagination of art, then technology became the most important tool to explore the possibility of creativity. Of course traditions always will be irreplaceable, as a new generation I like to accept more new things to open my mind, keep me going forward.

Christopher Kane Resort 14 jumper

Boss Black skirt

Charles Jourdan heels

Photography by Dean.B 

Sketch by Nancy.Z

  3d flower_0 3d flower_1 3d flower_2 3d flower_3 3d flower_4 3D_Flower_Nancy_006_s christopher kane

3d flower sample

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