The Point

Take a rest in the way of endless stairs to a destination that never exists – Nancy.

Sixties French Mod chic, for paying tribute to Francoise Hardy’s songs and her style. Back then the lyrics made a connection to us all and were filled with meaning, melodies that moved us to tears , touched us in the deepest of ways. Francoise Hardy’s voice is something which is the same as a whisper to the ear, close, intimate and aimed at every person yet at the same time aimed at each and every person on a individual level. The golden time, the golden age, we all have our memories and times gone by that reside in our inner most memories and her music brings to the surface the nostalgia in ripe form.  Shy and with a difficult background of family and financial status she still rose up threw her misfortunes and stood with conviction to become a proud singer to influence many. Of course my style in this shoot is influenced heavily by her and as such I wanted to make something different for this time.

“I thought at first my parents were divorced — at that time it was not a good thing, it was a kind of shame. My father didn’t help much financially my mother, and all the other girls, little girls, were dressed differently than I was — their parents had more money…I didn’t enjoy at all everything, the trappings, when all of a sudden you become very famous… [on being taken up by the fashion houses] it was work, things I had to do, a chore — I didn’t enjoy it at all…It is quite impossible to stand — to be admired too much — it is not a normal situation…I don’t like that at all…I am not comfortable with my professional life really, so the word ‘icon’ — it’s as though you were talking about someone else, it’s not me really…I feel happy when I’m on my bed, in my room with a good book.” Source

” The Point”(25×25)

Painting by Nancy.Zhang

photography by Picklethoughts

    Nancy_Wall_Edit_Small_001Nancy_Wall_Edit_003Nancy_Wall_Edit_002process and references

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    Glances and Vibes

    ^^♪ Nice rewind, but Nancy, are you that old to feel such a nostalgia ? )

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