In a manner of Travelling-Madrid

 As the name of ” In a manner of travelling”, I think travelling is the way to explore the world,yet every journey is a activity performance art by ourselves. Everyone has a different manner to travel and there is no certain rule to tell you how to travel, it is all depends on our decisions. Many years ago when I watched one LV journey ad, it said,” A journey is not a trip, not a vacation, it is a process,a discovery. it is a process of self discovery…. a journey not only shows us the world, but how we fit in it.” until now I still remember it somehow.

Of course I love traveling a lot no matter adventures or sightseeing as both of them are beautiful ways to experience. Recently I had a very relaxing journey in Madrid. Before I went there, many people told me” Well, it is not as interesting as Barcelona, don’t expect too much.”But actually it is pretty lovely city, warm and sunny(also kind of empty), not very tourism but full of histories and arts, Many different cultures such as middle east, African and European mixing here, the art museums are just precious and tasteful, good for living and getting inspirations. Anyway it was a good surprise. In Madrid I enjoyed its classic parts but I still prefer the places which belong to the future. From my point of view I see this old city in a modern ,edgy way, as you could see from my impression arts during the trip. As times changes people so does it change people and as such they both grow as one , hand in hand always evolving. I want to keep my eyes on the contemporary spirit instead of talking about those classic things which perhaps everyone knows.

 Journey is life to me.

Life is a journey without destination, but journey is a manner to live.

Bag from Louis Vuitton SC

Painting by Nancy.Z(Copyright 2014)

Guest Photographer


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