The Red of New Spring

Since Chinese New year is coming soon, I made another theme about Red: The red of New Spring. As I said before, Red is one of the most important colours for the Oriental cultures,philosophies and aesthetics.When I was a Child, I used to have red obsession for no reason because of the New spring festival, which celebrates mandarin traditional calendar new year. In old Asian cultures, red is the colour that defend thepeople from Evil. That’s also why people paint so much red for the religion architectures, such as temples, shrines and some other Building.I remember Red also meant “Beauty” in Ancient Slavonic language. Bright red attract people’s eyes naturally,it is the most attentional colour for teasing our feelings, the most emotional colour for connecting our lives.

After all, we all have the “Red” running inside of our bodies.

Drawing by Nancy.Z

Photography by

Studio_Part_5_Edited_Red_2_002_s Studio_Part_5_Edited_Red_2_003_s Studio_Part_5_Edited_Red_2_005_s

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