In a manner of Travelling- Biennale Venice in May.

After I finished my book ” Style, Art, Life” finally for this summer, I could focus on doing something else, for example start ” In a manner of Travelling” this project again properly, to show the world from my perspective.

No matter you are a person who works in art industry or not, Venice is the most romantic place for summer, Beinnale Venice is the best event for seeing. After having the brain storm trough all these art exhibitions, we

walked slowly near the Coast, my thinking started to flow away. Not only the art exhibitions, everything we are looking at, everything we are feeling is Art as well.

Art is a result. We don’t explain it, we just feel it.

Painting by Nancy Zhang

Photography by

Venice_Beinale_impression_02 Venice_Beinale_impression_03 Venice_Beinale_impression_04 Venice_Beinale_impression_05 Venice_Beinale_impression_06 Venice_Beinale_impression_07 Venice_Beinale_impression_08 Venice_Beinale_impression_09 Venice_Beinale_impression_10 Venice_Beinale_impression_11 Venice_Beinale_impression_12 Venice_Beinale_impression_13 Venice_Beinale_impression_14 Venice_Beinale_impression_15

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