“Style, Art, Life” Book Launch Cocktail in Mulberry Paris Store

To say that this was a fun event with a warm feeling is an understatement. A special thank you to Mulberry for all of their help, the event went of without a hitch, even though my heart felt heavy due to what had happened of late …. many of us had decided to Live life and not give in to Fear. There seems to be anything else better for myself than to be Involved in Art, to create and Paint…this freedom given to me by skills painfully gained over the years allows expression. To never cease to grow or change is a constant , one which has been a belief of mine for many years , and yet even now it infects me to my core. “Be better than the person you were yesterday ” though it might sound Cliche is in fact a most important simple belief system as the only real Person one can compete with is your self, thus as the road is left far behind you so are multiple versions of you and up ahead a new you awaits to be greeted by the present self.

Photography by Xiaoyi Dai

Styling by Yuta Umeda


IMG_0687  IMG_0690   IMG_0694   IMG_0699

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