The Imagination of Ourselves

Winter is long and cold,

it seems to drag on for the longest time with no end in sight as if on a long boat voyage, the horizon is always present….that landmass far away. It knowingly seems to recede from your approach, stretching time and space as if it is made from an elastic substance.

Often we see this as a negative thing in our minds, yet for me and I imagine for some others it is a time of quiet, a time of self reflection . To be Still.

Daydreams in this period are prevalent, they come with ease when sitting at home working for long hours and listening to music that brings about images in the minds eye.

With time it feels to me that reality itself is a construct of an ever bigger mind, a dream that feels so convincing. These images maybe show this, a slice of a moment in time, a time consisting of my personality, of my feelings and maybe…even the soul. This type of landscape of snow always moves me somehow.

My current state of mind is best put by the worlds of the Late Bill Hicks.

Life is only a dream and we are only the imagination of ourselves.”

Live your Dreams fully enough as to master them.

Photography by Pickledthoughts

 Snow_Nancy_Edited_003_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_004_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_008_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_009_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_013_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_014_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_017_s Snow_Nancy_Edited_018_s

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