Blossom again, Come spring

 “Blossom again, come spring”
From my opinion, Berlin has one of the most beautiful cherry blossom views globally. Of course Berlinerisch Kirschblüten  won’t be as famous as Nippon Sakura, however,  they have a kind of vague connection between each other. The East Berlin side cherry blossom trees were actually donated by the Japanese people after the “Mauer Fall”.  These cherry trees, which grow vividly, which blossom brilliantly, have full filled energy of life, as strong as liberalism spirit in New Berlin—It makes you smile.
Photographs by Pickledthoughts
Traveling scenes captured by Nancy Zhang / Night Sakura scenes by Sumi / Portraits in Tokyo by Takeshi Suga

    Yet finally this early spring I had experienced “Hanami” in Tokyo,  trembling my heart inside out.
    Sakuras in Japan are pale and fragile, yet  delicate and graceful. The branches and leaves are like an arm that swings in the air, as if the flower trees are dancing with their white sleeves in the air gracefully、exhaustively ; When night comes , those pale flowers are get coloured by those city lights, they look almost sorrow and flirtatious if you staring them for a while.
   “Hanami” itself is actually a custom、a tradition from my opinion:It is a kind of ceremony which is celebrating life, living in the present without praise or regret. Sometimes people come and go,just like the spring comes and goes.
    Berlin and Tokyo, they are like two different flowers from the same root. Let’s blossom wildly before those faded petals scattered away, no matter which kinds of meaning they attached.

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    Very happy to see you here again, with an outfit painting of yourself too!

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