At last, will we achieve the ‘ illusion ‘ that we are desperate for?

Despite the tittle sounding dreary and dismal this article is more about the aspects of our lives which are fundamental to us all, a pre-requisite of being human I would say…..dreams and goals.

These are the things which drive us from an early age, they shape our decision making which reaches far into the future . As such attaching along the way numerous choices, at least this is how it is for many people who have a set goal in life or a dream to achieve. There is no greater beauty in this life than to give oneself meaning without a heavy influence from an external source, inspirations and direction yes but meaning …. must always come from within.

Life without dreams, goals or meaning given to one self by the self is similar to that of a rock floating aimlessly out in the cold regions of space, without goal or direction. It’s only influence the occasional gravitational pull from a moon, planet or a anomaly. It is advisable then to avoid becoming that cold rock in space. Dreams are heavy also, more so than rocks but sometimes rather a dream or a goal can feel like a mountain upon your back. Do not let it break you because the dream is of your own desires and wishes. It is of your own making. Yet just because something is hard in this life or difficult to attain does not mean you can not enjoy the process to achieve it? Each step is similar to that of a computer game or a system of upgrading, always trying to reach the next level step by step and even if it might be hard then when this is achieved in procession … is even more worth the while to taste it. The same when a Artists make a milestone in their work/skill or a Physicists develops new mathematics or equations, when a games designer or architect or a director makes something which surpasses their own expectations…..there I lies the true Joy of the “Human Adventure”.

The answer is that simple and always has been. For a millennia humans have sought to find the meaning and purpose to life, where do we come from and what does it all mean? Maybe the answer is simply to give oneself Meaning, to give oneself challenges, to build your life and live if fully be it jumping of a mountain to para-glide or to sit in a room in some far of Norwegian forest writing a book ….give yourself meaning and know it will be hard, but there is beauty in it.

Even if it all at the end may fall and end when the lights are turned off it matters not for you have given it your all, threw the good and the bad.

Dreams are what we live for, Meaning is where you place it.

Grab happiness and adventure at any chance you get , and make your time count.

What dreams may become”.


Illustration/IPhone photos by Nancy.Z
Portrait Photography by

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