Aesthetics, what we live for.

One night in Paris recently, Two of my old friends and me were drinking and talking on the terrace. Apparently we enjoyed our conversations a lot, it attracted another 2 gentlemen who were behind us to join in. We all come from completely different cultures and backgrounds, however, our creativity related occupations helped us to know each other better. We didn’t talk too much of political topics but Aesthetics. As that Italian gentleman said,’It was the Aesthetics that brought us together tonight, not cultures.”

The Persuit Of Aesthetic is one of the few good things in this world. Ancient philosophical theory has said : Fundamentally the human-being itself is a experimental process of Art, life, creation and aesthetic survival. Also modern philosophers still insist that the highest value of life and the real essence of human existence are always about aesthetic itself. Even nowadays this theory is still irrefutable. In other words I do think that the human consciousness exists for ‘beauty’: to be or not to be, love or freedom, glory or decadent are all in the same broad definition of aesthetics.

People’s aesthetics consists of their own education and experiences. It is presented as many apparent details, yet sometimes the appearance does not necessarily fully reflect a personal aesthetic.

For example, as an artist my own aesthetic has been continuously restructured in recent years. My personal style focuses on the conceptual part. Yet it doesn’t mean that I have abandoned or rejected my old romantic style completely. It still remains in my aesthetics principle, yet I have made a personal choice which is more appropriate for my own thinking at this current stage. The choices are always dynamic.

Since the beginning of the new year me and my family started a long classicism tracing back journey,from Rome to Paris. During the trip my father constantly asked many historical questions which was out of my exception, It made me aware of my knowledge shortfalls of the Ancient art and history. This trip to me is like swimming against the current-I struggled forward to see how does the thing look originally, so that I could have a clearer vision for the future.

The persuit of Aesthetics is a roundabout process. Almost no one questions those timeless classics,yet such ‘good’ aesthetics will limit our perception, imprisons the real spiritual freedom. To challenge all the “correct” conclusions is necessary, however, we still need to understand them before question it.

True idealistic aesthetics are meant to be inclusive and infinite. There is no barrier but choice.

Let’s continue to exploring it.

Photography by Pickledthoughts/Takeshi Suga

Garment from Hermes by Margiela/Vintage

Shooting at Berlin/Paris

Sepcial Thanks to Bocci79


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