In the museum

I often come across such strange stories in my travels. I don’t know why; perhaps it’s because my energy attracts unusual people, like the time a 14 year old boy in the British Museum approached and shyly asked for my phone number. The scenario ended…


The Counselor

I have some unhappy childhood memories. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve felt out of place in this world, as if I should have been born into another one. My mother couldn’t understand me, I had no place at school… I hated it all. Until I was 13, I was…

Love on Transit

I was sitting on the train. To my left was a middle-aged married couple, and to my right was a pair of young, passionate lovebirds. The boy gently caressed the young girl’s pretty little face, gently turning the hair  in his hands and feeling the soft skin, over…


Art in Motion

Meeting him was the same as meeting and old friend, one that I have not seen in a long time. Months, or years may have passed yet upon meeting it felt like an old hug from a familiar soul. How strange, for I have never…

Books, Books, Books!

Competition! For this entire year I have been focusing on my first personal English Art book <Encounters>, which talks about various of people’s encounters, stories and their perspectives on life. And I was hardly find much time to do any other project, however, it was…



” The Encounters”      Every chance encounter is an opportunity for fate to play a role in our lives. Sometimes the moment passes by without notice, but other times it can take on a life of its own, stretching into a thread that connects…

Autumn Love

One of the seasons that I look foreword to is the one where all the colors change and come out in brilliant vibrancy, Autumn is just around the corner and heading our way. Somehow it is one of the most romantic parts of the year…

An italian Theory_01

Theory of Colours

As an artist I am sensitive about the colours, different colour palette could influence people’s mood very much, maybe that’s why I love colourful designs as well, dressing in multiple colours in different mood, shows different personalities. Alessandro’s designs made me feel very delightful when…


A Time to Flirt

Once I was sitting on the bench and enjoying the sunshine in the opposite street of the Louvre museum , I noticed a few meters away there was a girl sitting on the wall with her crossed legs and smoking a cigarette with relative joy….

cherry blossom

Under the Blooms

People’s love comes and goes as natural as spring the blossom flowers and falls, there is no need to be sad, just need to be used to it.