Plaid Please!

    The theme of this time named” Black Plaid”, the plaid textile mix Yin Yang woolen scarf, looks fresh and timeless in the snowy weather. As if they were painted by the ink color on the pure white paper.
    I believe dressing could show a person’s character and the track of maturity. Each time I post the look, it feels like I am expressing my characters and ideas with you. Nothing about fashion anymore, it is the way to communicate with people, to show my personal world. 
    Actually I am not a very romantic person. My ideal life style is pretty simple and clear: To do what I want to do, to say what I want to say. Try to fix my problems, try to change my faults. To capture the beautiful moments I come across. I just want to be a person who is passionate and creative, gentle but strong, honesty and clear. 
    So winter holiday season comes finally! What’s your plan for this Christmas and New year?
Hat from Vintage store
Cardigan by Lanvin Vinage
Scarf by Hua Sheng Ji
Shirt by Marc Cain
Pants by Comme des Garcons
Heels by Topshop

Illustration by Nancy.Z
Photography by Dean


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