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For this entire year I have been focusing on my first personal English Art book <Encounters>, which talks about various of people’s encounters, stories and their perspectives on life. And I was hardly find much time to do any other project, however, it was satisfying absolutely.

Our lives are an endless parade of hellos and goodbyes.Every chance encounter, no matter how trivial, leaves its shadow in your memory; every relationship, no matter how enduring, has led you to change yourself in some way; every goodbye is the first step on a new journey; every reunion is a renewed opportunity.

The book is coming out next spring properly.

Since Christmas season is coming, let’s join in the interesting contest! Leave your own encounter story in the comment, I will choose 3 stories I like the most and give away my new illustration book <Miss Paul and the President > for the Christmas/New year Gifts! Also I will choose my favorite one to put in the <Encounter> book!

The contest runs until 15th December! Please don’t be shy to leave your stories. 🙂

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    This is my story is about a second encounter.

    I lived with my father until I was 9 years old, then, my parents decided to split and my mom took custody of us four (we are four siblings). With 9 years old and being my father a reserved person, I didn’t know much about him: personality, traits, likes and dislikes but I did know that he was a very clever man. He visited us regularly, but we never got too close in an emotional way. That being said, I knew him as a father but not as a “person” in his own. I didn’t know his ambitions, expectations about life, his own mind.

    About 3 years ago, he came to the house where I was living with my mother and asked us to stay for a couple of weeks. Mom seemed a little uncomfortable but she agreed. Two weeks soon became 2 years and in that time I learned a little bit more who my father was and sadly, I also learned by myself that he was feeling alone by the time he came to us.

    As young as we are, we tend to worry about our own little problems and in my case, I didn’t spend much time with him even if we lived under the same roof. And I missed the chance to know him more deeply. And last Christmas eve, he passed away because a heart attack.
    That is when I knew I made a huge mistake and took him (and everybody) for granted. I didn’t even thought about losing him or anybody and now I regret every day the time I didn’t spend knowing more about him because I never will anymore.

    This second “encounter” with my father was very important to me, because I learned to cherish more the people that I love and enjoy the time with them, because until last year I just cared about my own things, leaving aside my own relationships with family and friends.

    Sorry if I went too sad but I saw this topic just when I was thinking about him and I wanted to share this, so anybody who would read, put their feet back in the ground and realize (truly realize) that we are not going to be here forever so we better start to reconnect with those people that matter to us. Because we don’t know how much more we are going to be able to do it.

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    Oh Dear! So exciting! And how appropriate of me to suddenly think to open my dusty blog and found your post in my feed. Heeehee.. And oh o oh! You’re writing a book! (and illustrated some, too!) How exciting! Can’t wait for it to be published! And about the encounter story.. Hmm.. let’s see…

    This happened when I was traveling solo to Seoul. I just graduated from my master degree and I totally have no idea of what to do with my life now that the studying is almost over. So I decided to prize myself a ticket to Seoul, and there I go, on my own.

    I’ve been to Seoul once before, but it was for summer school and I lived in a dorm with hundreds of other exchange students. This time I was alone, so I booked a bed in a hostel and tried finding myself in a city where nobody knows me. The first few hours, I was honestly lost of what to do and where to go, and I felt actually sad because I feel that my time is running out. I couldn’t just shop since my money is limited, but I also didn’t want to just spend the day at the hostel.. So I walked around to the Han river (and got lost quite some time before I finally found it).

    When the sun was almost set I got back, and decided to look for some food to eat. Problem is, most restaurant in Seoul offered HUGE portion. And I was all alone, I haven’t made a new friend yet, and I wasn’t sure what I should eat. Until I finally decided to go to a small Sushi stall I found randomly.

    I totally had no expectation when I entered, but the moment I sit there, I felt so welcomed. The owner, an old man, and the chef (his niece) is really warm. They helped me choosing what menu I should pick, and when I got difficulties with the serving (since honestly, I’m pretty stupid on eating sushi), they assisted me again, and the uncle even tried to shoot some small conversation with me despite his limited English. It really wasn’t anything big but it helped me go through my journey.

    On my last day in Seoul, I have only 20,000 won (~USD 20) in my wallet and I decided to just grab a sandwhich and milk in 7-11 when I suddenly found more money in my pocket (LOL! What a miracle!) I decided I want to visit the Sushi Uncle again and inform them that I’ll be going and bid my farewell. And so I did, and they remembered me when I passed through the door. And I had to say my goodbye and that was crazy because I felt really sad and even got teary eyed when saying goodbye to them. They even asked me when will I get back to Seoul again.

    I ended up crying (quietly) near the Han River after that, and it was funny because really… I have only visited them once before but the bond is so strong. Guess they provided me the warmth I needed and made me feel welcomed in a strange country I can’t speak the language of and knows actually nobody. Really thank you Sushi uncle! Wish we can meet again somehow sometime later!


    Oh well, I hope I didn’t spam your comment space. Was it too long? Hehe.. now I’m craving for more Sushi… eh..

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