Art in Motion

Meeting him was the same as meeting and old friend, one that I have not seen in a long time. Months, or years may have passed yet upon meeting it felt like an old hug from a familiar soul. How strange, for I have never met Devaughn before hand. Only did I know of him threw the work of Pickledthoughts , the dance photographer. Some things are maybe beyond our understanding and such things have always fascinated me, this thread that binds us together as sentient beings can be placed in this category. What an ever bigger joy to meet those that live by their passions and follow their dreams. in a sense they become a living embodiment determination. Dancers have this unique ability to look deep into themselves so that they can keep going day after day, ballet is a craft that is hard to master….even harder on the body as such it requires that the person becomes an athlete. How beautiful it is to be so connected with your own self, your body also not just the mind and then explore day by day .  From his Love of family, to his love of books and music he feels as if someone that has stepped in from another time and place in history. James Baldwin and Bell Hooks are a source of inspiration and reference for this talented dancer and for some reason all creative people like Haruki Murakami and one of my loved books “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage”. African and Afro-American Art and Philosophy by Robert Farris Thompson & The Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott.

“I am often inspired by the words, as well as the actions of others. I think who we are and what we do really reflects upon the world. There is some good and some bad but no matter what the circumstances are , I remember that life is the greatest gift & every day I am inspired to live my life to the fullest”.

As with all people to live a long and healthy life , not out of greed but out of a deep need to learn and achieve more is one that Devaughn shares with myself and many others.

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As with all people his inspiration and source of drive comes from an idol, someone that if held in high regard. For him it is his teacher Rosario “Charin” Suarez. This when doing something creative and which takes self discipline is seen in the best of Artist, Designers or Athletes, as it takes a lot of respect to see something better in someone else…to aspire to become something more than you are. Putting ego to the side for this is hard and yet when it is done you progress much more. You grow as Devaughn does every day. From meeting him, this is one of the biggest things I have learnt.  To see value in the ones that have come before you, learn from them and respect them as one day this is the place you wish to be.

He is Art in Motion!

Photography by Pickledthoughts









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