Love on Transit

I was sitting on the train. To my left was a middle-aged married couple, and to my right was a pair of young, passionate lovebirds. The boy gently caressed the young girl’s pretty little face, gently turning the hair  in his hands and feeling the soft skin, over and over again. The girl’s full cheeks blushed a bright red, a delighted smile bursting from her lips. Possibly inspired by the young couple, the woman to my left couldn’t help reaching out to touch her husband’s face. But at that moment the husband silently turned away and looked out the window, missing his wife’s gesture, leaving her hand suspended in the empty space between them. The contrast between the couples was devastating. I couldn’t help but be overcome.
I often think about that moment, and my mind is filled with a single question: “Will there be a day when the young couple acts out the same scene as that husband and wife?”

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