Love on Transit

I was sitting on the train. To my left was a middle-aged married couple, and to my right was a pair of young, passionate lovebirds. The boy gently caressed the young girl’s pretty little face, gently turning the hair  in his hands and feeling the soft skin, over…

Throwback:Last Autumn in Paris

    Recently I am working on  creating more than ever. Exhibition, book,column.. many things to be done in the end of this year at least this freezing weather helps me focus. I found these pictures during my staying at Paris last autumn few days…


Our experiences influence our works. Either of painting in warm colors or dressing in bright colors, they are my typical style for long time, however, it is never because of I am so delightful and excited all the time, it is more like a projection…

The woman in Black with the Black Umbrella

I saw her in whole black suits on the street. It was a quite cloudy day, not rainy or sunny, but she was holding a big black umbrella. She looked incredibly gothic as well, her pale skin, red hair and red lips stood out from…

Ocean beauties.

Another work from “The Ocean” series, sleeping ocean beauties.   Painting by Nancy.Z

Street impressions-Sunset.

She was sitting on the edge of the bridge and enjoying the sunset. It was such a beautiful moment, but seriously the way she sat was kind of dangerous…  Drawing by Nancy.Z

The Bright Noon.

  As gentle as breeze in the humid air, as bright as shine at the noon. That’s why I love crayon pink so much. It is the softest style a lady wears, it is the loveliest dream every girl has.  Dress by Jil Sander  Linnen Cafe Bar…

Keep Cool!

Enjoy your summer holiday, stay your cool in the heat! Drawing by Nancy.Z