Art in Motion

Meeting him was the same as meeting and old friend, one that I have not seen in a long time. Months, or years may have passed yet upon meeting it felt like an old hug from a familiar soul. How strange, for I have never…

The Unborn

Humans are vague figures. Time creates and Sculpts us. Human’s birth is an evolutionary process, without time no process will move forward in some ways nothing can continue without time and nothing can exist, time is a signifier to our existence. ; People have different…


Gentle Breeze of Autumn

Last week in Paris, the weather was wonderful, autumn breeze blowing like gentle touch. Since I focus on my painting properly, my style is becoming more and more leisure. Somehow I still remembered many years ago I wore a piece of long dress and a…

An italian Theory_01

Theory of Colours

As an artist I am sensitive about the colours, different colour palette could influence people’s mood very much, maybe that’s why I love colourful designs as well, dressing in multiple colours in different mood, shows different personalities. Alessandro’s designs made me feel very delightful when…

A simple day, relaxing at Cafe

Finally I got some free time after the intensive working schedule. It made me appreciate the simple and relaxing time more than ever. Simplicity is key to understanding complexity the of self, I really think so.  


The girl with the Blue-Hat

  This set was inspired by Foujita Tsuguharu’s girls portraits, as a Japanese artist, he drew European traditional topics in oriental way. He had his own unique perspective to show the girls especially, as if there are a lot mystery behind their charming figures. Something…