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Paris Fashion week 2- The sea of fertility, episode 1

    Finally I came back from fashion week, it’s time to write some reviews. ( Sorry I was too busy and too lazy to write long articles during the last week, but anyway I have time to drawing some impressions now, so it’s even better.)  …

For Steve Jobs.

  Steve Jobs, the passing of another man that is beyond legend. I was shocked to hear about his passing, this great person who was clever in ways I can only dream to understand. After his fight with cancer for eight years, he finally passed away….

Paris Fashion week1-Twins.

Since I came to Paris the end of last month, it is unbelievably hot every day. But nothing could make me happier than wearing my good friend’s design!  Momo & amp; me

Milan fashion week- In details.

               Outfit in details. I think ethnic pattern skirt and the feather bag is a perfect matching. pic by picture by pictures by

Show room during Milan Fashion week #2-Retro Sweetness!

   We have to admit the Prada show is one of the most expected shows in Milan every time. I like very extreme sense of work, neat, romantic, creative. One of the most important reasons I love Prada is because you never know what will…


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