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Unforgettable stories of Encounters

They I do not know them. What stories their careers and their relationship hold, I have no way of knowing.  Yet almost every year, in winter, I encounter them on Auguststraße. They are always wrapped in identical scarves, dressed in a similar style, taking turns…

The Imagination of Ourselves

Winter is long and cold, it seems to drag on for the longest time with no end in sight as if on a long boat voyage, the horizon is always present….that landmass far away. It knowingly seems to recede from your approach, stretching time and…

Books, Books, Books!

Competition! For this entire year I have been focusing on my first personal English Art book <Encounters>, which talks about various of people’s encounters, stories and their perspectives on life. And I was hardly find much time to do any other project, however, it was…


The picks of 2011- Black and White.

Black and white outfit could be elegant, poetic and shows the strong personality at the same time. Actually Black and white could include any color. I picked these B&W looks from the last year, enjoy!  Illustration by Nancy.Z