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镜花水月—“ The illusion”

Actually these series of photos had been taken for a while since last winter,yet I have totally forgotten to put them on this site. In traditional Chinese “镜花水月” these are philosophical words which mean everything is an illusion, as the flowers or moon projections. We…



” The Encounters”      Every chance encounter is an opportunity for fate to play a role in our lives. Sometimes the moment passes by without notice, but other times it can take on a life of its own, stretching into a thread that connects…


“Charles Philip X Nancy Zhang” SS16 series

Finally,my design collaboration with Charles Philip Shanghai has been launched in this month!  For spring and summer season I like making something colorful yet cozy for the daily life with minimal decorations. If you like my aesthetic style , hopefully you would like them also….


Late Spring

Meeting and Parting keep cycling around in the life repetitively, it is a process of the disintergration and restruction of your world,as if the spring blossom comes and goes.  Drawing by Nancy.Z Photography by Dean.B    

Diversified portraits of Women self -Les Approches

As a creator I personally indentify myself as an artist instead of a “female” artist or an “feminist” artist , however, why should we still haveto tag people’s occupations with kinds of gender descriptions? Is that necessary to do so?  Unfortunately, The reality is that…


The picks of 2011- Black and White.

Black and white outfit could be elegant, poetic and shows the strong personality at the same time. Actually Black and white could include any color. I picked these B&W looks from the last year, enjoy!  Illustration by Nancy.Z