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Late Spring

Meeting and Parting keep cycling around in the life repetitively, it is a process of the disintergration and restruction of your world,as if the spring blossom comes and goes.  Drawing by Nancy.Z Photography by Dean.B    

Diversified portraits of Women self -Les Approches

As a creator I personally indentify myself as an artist instead of a “female” artist or an “feminist” artist , however, why should we still haveto tag people’s occupations with kinds of gender descriptions? Is that necessary to do so?  Unfortunately, The reality is that…

Winter Light

“ The quivering wings of the winter ant, wait for lean winter to end. I love you in slow, dim-witted ways, hardly speaking, one or two words only.” – <Winter Poem>, Robert Bly Last winter had ended finally, but the afternoon light during winter in…

In a manner of traveling- Those Irreplaceable Experiences

Life is structured by all the continuous coincidences, so is traveling. Wandering through the cities around the world each moment we created was irreplaceable and unforgettable. Left:   Details of the house in Burano, Italy. As we all know there are various  distinctive details in…


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