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The “Creator”

“Style,Art,Life” this project records the change of my perspectives, styles and aesthetics. During these years I realised slowly : Actually I just play a carrier, a container role here, ” Time” is the real artistic creator. Among allmy art projects, it isn’t the only one,…


Painting on Snow fabric.

This set was for my monthly column in <L’Officiel> Mandarin March issue-“French Contemporary Arts and French New Fashion”. I made myself as a carrier of the colours and the blind snow was a gigantic painting fabric, try to rearrange the blocked colours and geometry elements…

Afternoon at HKW

Of all the time that I have been in this part of Berlin this is the first time that I have seen this wonderful building (HKW Culture Centre ) which focuses on visual fx, film art and moving picture design and it struck me how…


Grandpa from Showa Era

Sometime I like calling myself “old Grandpa” because of my old fashioned behaviours. I prefer reading and talking about essays, arts passionately instead of focusing on what’s the newest thing; I keep using the a object for years; I love collecting designers’ classic works from…


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