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In a Manner of Traveling – Hautvillers.

Just recovered properly from the last trip in Shanghai. The journey there was wonderful, yet very exhausting, sometimes I felt quite lost in that busy, crowded city. Then I started to miss the day I spent in Hautvillers, one of the most meaningful and relaxing…

Journey of Life

  Art by Nancy Zhang Jeans by Lee The journey of life is one which is always full of it’s own surprises , no matter what we may think our lives will be as children it often leads to something entirely different when adults. Not…

Book Launch Event in Corso Como 10

Book Launch! A book I have been working on as a personal project recently had reached it’s completion and was published, of all the places it was in Corso Como 10 Milan, a beautiful Venue. This is a book very close to my heart, with…

In a manner of Travelling-Urban Details

” Wintery Berlin “- My favourite city from my personal perspective. “Northern Birds”- The Birds in Copenhagen and Helsinki. “Licht”-Lights hide in the corners or cracks, I am the one who is searching for them. Painting by Nancy.Z     


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