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Back to 60s

From my Monthly column in <L’officiel> Mandarin issue April: <Once upon a time in Europe>. Photography by Painting by Nancy.Z  

It’s Not Just a Dinner

Last month I had been to Barcelona, which is one of my favorite cities to experience Dom Pérignon & El Bulli‘s original collaboration decoding event-“It is not a dinner”. After an entire month of intensive projects schedule,finally I could sit down to share with you…

Be the first of your friends

 After an Entire week for being ill.Finally my daily routine comes back, yet the summer is coming as well. At 23rd of April I had a very fascinating art night in Louis Vuttion Espace Munich, the opening of mono graphic visual exhibition by Cory Arcangel…

Ivory Jacket

Ivory Colour & White Pearls

Recently I have been thinking about the questions:” If Art becomes a necessary thing of people daily life, how different this world will look like?” I still don’t have a proper answer about it, perhaps there is no answer. Everyone has different perspectives about Art….

Think Pink

The pick works were inspired by Artist John McCracken’s installation Arts during 60s, Painting by Nancy.Z Photography by Pickledthoughts


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